Corporate Social Responsibility


Santa Rita RC

Children’s Christmas Treat.


Corpus Christi College of Occupational Education and Training

Sponsorship of tickets for fundraiser towards school.

St John The Baptist RC Church

Donation towards restoration of the church.

Caribbean Educational Association- Lantana Heights Gran Couva Conference Center & Hospitality School

Donation towards the installation of chapel at school.

The Love Movement Charity Concert

CCA purchased tickets for underprivileged children to attend the concert.

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Lady Hochoy Vocational Centre

CCA continues to provide donations and support over the years.

St Mary’s College

Donation towards the construction of the indoor cricket facility.

St Mary’s College

Donation towards Fundraiser for school.

Living Water Foundation

Donations towards the Foundation.

Chinapoo Police Youth Club

Donation towards to the Club.

Worldwide Full Gospel Ministries

Assistance with shipping of chairs for church.

Digital Storytelling for Sustainability

Donation towards Trinitario Cocoa Film Project.


Partnered with Amerijet and CMACGM to donate a 40ft Container to be used as a dwelling space for a family in Penal.

“Back to School Packs” distributed to the kids of CCA

St. Theresa’s Girls’ RC School

Donation of ceiling fans.

Oropune Gardens Police Youth Club

Donation towards Awards and Dinner Ceremony


Recycling bins at each office.

Partnered with Everybottle TT

(a collaboration between SWMCOL, Republic Bank & Blue Waters) for placement of recycling bins at our offices.

Electronic fleet, forklift, machinery.

Our equipment is checked and certified by authorized inspectors to ensure relevant compliance with OSH standards.
CCA vehicles are maintained by certified Mechanics to ensure all waste materials are discarded responsibly.

Implementation of paperless operations where possible.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products approved by the relevant Bureau of standards/Agencies are utilized.

Energy conservation where each room is equipped with their separate control for the air conditioning.

LED bulbs

Recycling of dunnage bags when received in containers by re- using it in the warehouse for various areas.

Environmental clean up of the beaches

Hazardous Materials storage and waste management 

CCA handles and stores hazmat cargo, for any items which require clean up or disposal, CCA utilizes a registered Environmental company to handle any spills or transfers. Proper disposal of unwanted materials and chemicals are done by ensuring a certificate for destruction is obtained.

Recognized international training

Some of our staff are locally and internationally trained to handle and co-ordinate the proper documentation and packaging of hazmat cargo. This ensures there is no leakage or exposure to the environment during the transportation of the cargo.

Electronic and related items Recycling program

CCA also adopted a recycling program for its old electronics and toner waste cartridges. We utilize a local environmental company which is international certified to dispose of old electronic and toner items.